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Special Olympics 2011

Yesterday (thursday the 19th) was the 10th annual Special Olympics board wide track meet! It was a very amazing and muddy day. I had the wonderful opportunity of going to SO with my coop school. This was a pretty cool experience because I got to see the SO from a different view, instead of being a peer coach I got to see the Olympics from the role of a teacher/EA. It was a pretty sweet experience. I am so very very proud of each of my students and each and every person who competed. I am especially proud of like I said my coop kids and of my friends at CW. I was fortunate to be able to go on see some of the events the CW guys were in and that was pretty special because I’ve gone to SO with some of those guys for six years. I want to thank all of the peer helpers, this couldn’t go on with out you and you really brighten the athletes lives when you become their special helpers and cheer them on! Thank you!


I love what I do.

I have the wonderful opportunity to be in a special education class as my coop placement. I also am very lucky to have a couple of the kids I work with in the class as well. I have talked about this kid in particular before, M. I babysit this guy and also get to see him everyday at coop. Anyway, last week I was hanging out with him on the computer and he was really focused and then all of a sudden he turned around and jumped on me and said: “Alix! Kiss me!”

I pretty much thought that was adorable. I love this kid.