Monthly Archives: July 2011


Today was the first day on the work site. It was a pretty exciting day. It was super great to get out and meet/learn about the people. I did some crafts with a bunch of kids and then the kids went home for lunch and we had our lunch. I hung out with a boy named Kevin and we made some bracelets, it was pretty cool. We went for a walk around Xiloa to check it out. It was crazy to see how these guys live. It was very eye opening. We went back to the work site and some of us did more crafts with the kids. We went back to Jenny’s for dinner and hang outs. Good day.

                                                        Crafts! Hola Crafts!


day dos.

Today we began with breakfast and devos. I ❤ devos, great start to a day. After that we headed over to a church, for church. haha. It was a very long service but it was super sweet to see how they do things in Nicaragua. I thoroughly enjoyed it. After the church service we headed back to Jenny’s for lunch and then out to a volcano. The volcano was pretty decent. You couldn’t really breathe but other then that it was cool. Then we went to the zip lining place. That was a most interesting experience. Not a big fan of the zip lining, just going to throw that out there. We went out for dinner and then back to Jenny’s for hang outs and Jim’s wonderful guitar-ing.

                                                  This is a volcano. Hola Volcano.

day one…slightly late.

t-t-t-travel day.

Today was a day of major tiredness. Camp. Harry Potter then Nicaragua, but it was most certainly worth it. T’was not a very eventful day, just arriving in Nicaragua and seeing the area. It was interesting, tough, but interesting. We arrived at Jenny’s (the house we stayed at) and just got settled in.

                                                               Hola Nicaragua.