Monthly Archives: September 2011

One day until India and birthday parties.

Well tomorrow I go to India.


insanely crazy.

it actually feels like I just came home from camp and now it’s India time.


India, India, India, India!?

Today many people asked me mainly two questions: “Are you ready?” and “Are you excited” In answer to the first: no, not at all. I’m not near done packing yet. In answer to the second: I’m not sure. I feel like I should be extremely excited but at the moment I’m not. I’m sure it will all kick in tomorrow but for the moment excited is something I’m not. It’s just sort of feels like tomorrow is going to be a normal day other than the fact that I’ll be flying to India. This time tomorrow I’ll be on the very long plane ride to India.



Birthday parties.

September birthday party tonight. It was pretty grand.



2 days until India?

You know those times when you’re going to another country for three-ish weeks in two days but you haven’t even started packing yet? This is one of those times. I was attempting to pack but then I got distracted by this and that and now I’m on here. I haven’t posted anything in a bit So I thought I should put something up. So yes, India in two days. craziness. The last thing I am is, ready. But that’s okay, everything will work out. Special Olympics swim team has started up again so that is always a bunch of fun. 🙂 Special Hockey (Go Guelph Giants!) starts on Saturday but sadly I will be in India and missing that. I’m super excited about hockey though. Things are good. I have good Life Skills stories to post eventually but for now I must try and pack some more.

Namaste <— although I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to say that at the beginning of a conversation, I’ll just stick with peace.