2 days until India?

You know those times when you’re going to another country for three-ish weeks in two days but you haven’t even started packing yet? This is one of those times. I was attempting to pack but then I got distracted by this and that and now I’m on here. I haven’t posted anything in a bit So I thought I should put something up. So yes, India in two days. craziness. The last thing I am is, ready. But that’s okay, everything will work out. Special Olympics swim team has started up again so that is always a bunch of fun. 🙂 Special Hockey (Go Guelph Giants!) starts on Saturday but sadly I will be in India and missing that. I’m super excited about hockey though. Things are good. I have good Life Skills stories to post eventually but for now I must try and pack some more.

Namaste <— although I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to say that at the beginning of a conversation, I’ll just stick with peace.



One thought on “2 days until India?

  1. Steve January 11, 2012 at 3:22 am Reply

    Yay Guelph Giants!

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