Airport. Lost luggage. Hotels. Driving. Stores. Indian food. Nicaragua. Poverty. Post delayed.

Sorry about the delay of this post, it should have been up a while ago.

Arrived at the Ghandi something or other airport in India at 3:30am. Everything was going swimmingly, got through cutoms easy. Then. Went to get our luggage and turns out it actually wasn’t there. They hadn’t sent it from Toronto or Montreal or something. This was super lame. So we didnt leave the airport until like 6am. With no luggage.

We got in a car and started driving to our hotel In Delhi. I’m pretty positive everyone in India has road rage. You cant go one minute without hearing someone angrily hitting their horns. It was a very Interesting drive. Reminded me a lot of Nicaragua. This place even smells like Nicaragua.

At around 11:30am we got in this van (another thing like Nicaragua) and started our five hour drive to Agra. There are a lot of monkeys here. When we got to Agra we went to a store to buy some clothes because we didn’t have any because of the whole no luggage thing. Stores here are very interesting. Before you can go into a store you do a security check. It’s kind of like security at an airport just not as intense. After the store thing we checked into our hotel and then went to a restaurant for some traditional Indian food. It was kind of like eating at the Tandoori Grill except this one was actually in India not Fergus.

This place has a lot of poverty. I will get into that later.


This is what you see when you first go into the Airpot in India.



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