Nick’s Dragonfly Playground!

Hola people,

As mentioned earlier this week I am going to be visiting some accessible parks and then writing about them on here because I found it hard to find good information about local sensory/accessible park online. So here we go. The first park I visited was Nick’s Dragonfly Playground. Nick’s park is at Southend Community Centre which is 200 Clair Road in Guelph. I will always be a little bit biased about this particular playground as my family has a history with it. My dad worked with Nick’s parents so I knew him growing up. Those red accessible swings that you see in pretty much all of the playgrounds in Guelph were donated in Nick’s memory by his parents and the foundation they started… I remember the first swing dedication clear as day. Anyways, they eventually opened a fully accessible playground in his memory and it’s a pretty wonderful thing.



       This is the entrance to the park.. also I should mention that I re-visited the park in the winter so obviously it would be a little different looking in the warmer weather but still the same amount of wonderfulness.



Nick’s legacy


This is what you see when you first walk through the entrance. This is the junior side of the park for the smaller people. As you can see there is an accessible swing.


IMG_4622              IMG_4649

This was my attempt at showing that the ground at the playground are rubber and not pebbles or anything. This makes it great for wheelchair pushing and it’s much easier to walk on.



         This is the called “Nick’s Place”. It’s for the smaller users of the playground. Easy to get up on and lots of fun.

IMG_4624               IMG_4625 

A couple more shots of Nick’s Place.

IMG_4626 IMG_4627 IMG_4628


IMG_4631 IMG_4633

The sensory garden area. This is a great little area full of different sensory panels. It’s pretty fun.


This is the fun sand box with diggers and a sand toy thing.


The larger park that is fully wheelchair accessible.


The sway fun element of the park. Lots of fun for all ages and abilities.

IMG_4648 IMG_4645

The larger part of the park. Another accessible swing. You can see the wheel chair ramp that goes through the whole playground.


The dinosaur part of the park. You can dig for dino bones in the sand box. A very cool part of the park.

IMG_4638         IMG_4637



 The accessible ramps at the playground.

All in all I love this park to death. It’s one of my favourite accessible parks ever. It’s a lot of fun and I would recommend 100% bringing people of all ages here. It will be a very enjoyable and fun visit.



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2 thoughts on “Nick’s Dragonfly Playground!

  1. Steve January 11, 2012 at 3:15 am Reply

    What a fun looking park! I am very looking forward to hearing about all of the other parks that you will visit!

  2. […] up bringing them to Nick’s Dragonfly Playground in Guelph, which you can read about here- They have also applied for an Aviva Community Fund grant but were more lucky and may have made it […]

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