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A Special thanks to the Fergus Phantoms! :)

I would just like to thank the Fergus Phantoms Special Olympics swim team for providing me with two wonderfully amazing years. I am going to miss you all very very much next year. You have all changed my life and I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Each of you has amazing and beautiful things about you and you have all taught me so much. K, you have especially made every tuesday night worthwhile, thank you. Ron(/), you run an amazing team, thank you. Keep being wonderful Phantoms, you will always have a very special place in my heart! Go Phantoms Go! 🙂 ♥

words cannot express how much I will miss you…



The wonders of Autism

Check this guy out! He’s 13 years old and he has Autism, I had the most wonderful opportunity to see him perform last June at the Walk Now For Autism Speaks. He is amazing. Like he will blow your mind. Astonishing. Yeah, people with Autism can do absolutely anything, don’t say otherwise.


Seriously, check him out.

Autism Awareness Month Kick Off!

Yesterday was April 1st! That means it was the start of my most favorite month, April! Why you might ask? Because… APRIL IS AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH! yay! So as a kick off for AAM R, J and I made Autism Awareness t-shirts and made fact sheets and brought them to a church dinner on the Saturday night! We went and talked to each table about AAM and handed out our fact sheets, we got a very good response from people. but who wouldn’t expect that from Barrie Hill! Oh, and of course J did his usual April hairdo! Blue Hair!

The back of R's shirt "To me Autism means a friend, we are more alike than different"

The back of J's shirt in progress, it ended up saying "April is Autism Awareness Month" and at the bottom "ask me about it"

R and J's fronts

The shirt fronts

The shirt backs
J: "April is Autism Awareness Month Ask me about it"
R: "To me Autism means a friend.. we are more alike than different! Ask me about it!"
Me: "Autism Awareness, Education and Advocacy Ask me about it!"

J's Blue hair!