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Autism Awareness Video

This is a video I made for Autism Awareness Month! Thanks for everyone who helped me make it! ūüôā the music is by ten year old Christopher Duffley (he has Autism) and his sister, Grace!



Some pretty inspiring people.

Alrighty, I’m always talking about my “list”. My “list” is a list of the people that I am most inspired by. The one I’m posting on here is my list of¬†advocates, parents and people with special needs. Not technically the one I’m always talking about but one none the less. Also, these are no particular order, just what’s coming to mind first.

1. “Love That Max”- This is one of my all time favourite blogs, for those of you who don’t know, I read A LOT of special needs blogs. Ellen has an amazing blog where she posts all about her family and her son Max who has¬†Cerebral¬†Palsy (and is extremly adorable and in love with the colour Purple and Cars). She is an amazing writer and she provides lots of great insights into parenting a child with special needs. I’ve learnt a lot from her and often take what I read from her and apply it to the way I work with the kids I work with. She also made an super awesome video for “Spread the Word to End the Word” (which is actually how I found her) the video can be seen here:¬†and you can check out her blog here:¬†¬†or on Facebook:¬†¬†or on Twitter here:¬†!/LoveThatMax

Check her out.

2. Ethan W- This kids video has been circulating the web for a few days now so you’ve likely seen it but I need to share it. Ethan is a five year old on the Autism Spectrum who has an amazing musical talent. This kid is great! (Love That Max did a great post about him! check it out) Here’s Ethan doing “Piano Man”:¬†

Watch it.

3. Noah’s Dad- This is a blog I discovered just a few days ago and I am loving it! Dad, Rick, posts all about raising a child, Noah, with Down Syndrome. Firstly, Noah is ADORABLE. Secondly, Noah’s Dad has some really great things to say! He has a great section about being a new parent of a baby with Down Syndrome that is full of great things. He posts about basically everything and I love reading it! He’s full of awesome information and advice. He’s a great writer and a great read. I really recommend that you check him out!¬†¬†or on Facebook:¬†¬†or on twitter here:¬†!/NoahsDadDotCom

4. Grape Jelly on Pizza- GJOP really got me started on my “Blog Drug”, that’s what I call it because I’m fairly addicted to reading the blogs of parents of people with special needs, teachers, workers, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, self advocates… you name it. I really love the different insights I get. Anyways, GJOP really got me hooked. Jennifer is the writer of this blog and she has a son on the Spectrum. Jennifer always has wonderfully amazing things to say that I loooooove reading! Her son is also extremly adorable and I love looking at his newest creations! Check her out here:¬†¬†or on Facebook:¬†

I will end this here for tonight because I am tired but this will be continued! ūüôā

Seriously, check those people I mentioned out! It will be well worth your time.