Some great M quotes.

It has been a while, a very long while. I am very excited because in FOUR DAYS I GET TO GO TO FERGUS!! Basically my plan consists of going to CW Life Skills and spending a great deal of time with Travis and then heading over to VT (where I did my elementary school special education co-op placement for two years) and hanging out with those kids. I’M SO EXCITED! In honor of getting to see M on Friday, I am going to share some of my favorite M moments from the summer/last year. (for those who don’t know, M is one of the boys that I work with and he’s in one of my co-op classes)


teacher: “quick like a bunny, M!”
M: “hey! I’m not a bunny!! I’m M!”

M: “oh Miss Alix, those Pterodactyl children broke my heart. They took it and broke it right in half!”

*I ask M to not take toys from other kids without asking.*
M:”you broke my heart, you shattered it. You really broke my heart.”
All while making a heart shape with his hands and breaking it apart.

I’m so excited to see this boy! Possibly the most hilarious kid I know.

Secondly, I get to see some of my Fergus Phantoms this weekend too so now I will share my two all time favorite Phantoms quotes.

“if you forget the goggles next week I’ll be sooooo furious I’ll set the pool on fire!”

“Coach Alix, sometimes I wish you’d just fall in love with me!!”

Peace and hopefully see many of you very soon!


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