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Wretches and Jabberers. A MUST see documentary.

So, I’ve been meaning to watch Wretches and Jabberers for some time now. Finally got around to it today and I must say, I am not impressed with myself for not doing it until now! I am going to go out on a limb here are say that it is, single handedly, THE best documentary I have seen (and as many of you know, I’m a sucker for a good documentary- really the only movies I watch) as well as being THE best Special Needs movie I’ve seen (and let me tell you, I have seen a lot of those). This is a beautifully well done documentary.

Wretches and Jabberers follow Tracy and Larry (two men with Autism) and their two support workers, Harvey and Pascal, as they travel to different countries and advocate for people with Different Abilities. Tracy and Larry were both non-communicative until adulthood when they both learned to type as a form of communication. This opened amazing doors for them and for everyone else as they were now able to see the extreme intelligence and awareness that was trapped in their minds. Tracy and Larry are amazing advocates who fight for what is right. I think the best part of this documentary is that they show both sides of Autism, the ups and the downs. I think that is a very vital aspect in any documentary about any Different Ability. I truly do not have the words to explain how uplifting and view-changing this documentary is. Every single person on this planet needs to see this documentary. Take the hour and a half to watch it, it is well worth it.

When Tracy was asked the purpose of his travelling the world and advocating he responded with: “To move peoples knowledge of disability to a better place”. 

Amazing, amazing, amazing,amazing, amazing, AMAZING film. If I was able to offer you one piece of advice, it would be to watch this film. Go forth and let your mind be opened, shaped and changed. Listen to inspiring words Tracy and Larry have to offer. It’s available on iTunes to rent or to buy. I’m sure you can get it on Amazon too.

More information about the film:

Have I mentioned this documentary is absolutely amazing? If not, IT IS!

“We are the perfect example of intelligence working itself out in a much different way” – Tracy Thresher <— could it get any better?!

check them out on Facebook here:

listen to one of the beautiful songs from the soundtrack here:  (if nothing I’ve said about the film has made you want to watch it yet, this song should. It’s amazing and makes such an impact. B-e-a-u-tiful song.)

And I will leave you with this image from the Wretches and Jabberers Facebook page of Tracy and Larry standing with some truly inspiring and wonderful words.


This is a photo from the Wretches and Jabberers Facebook Page of Tracy and Larry.


Movie Review: My Flesh and Blood

My Flesh and Blood is a documentary featuring the Tom Family. Susan Tom adopted eleven children, ten of whom have different Special Needs and health conditions. I originally saw the Tom Family on the popular (in my house at least- ask J) television show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The children are beautiful and a great group of kids. The children are; Anthony, Faith, Hannah, Joe, Margaret, Libby, Cloe, Xenia, Katie, Susie and Emily. Sadly, before the documentary was filmed Susie passed away due to medical issues relating to a rare genetic condition, Epidermolysis bullosa. Anthony has since passed away as well due to the same condition.

I found this documentary to be extremely well done. (I may be a little biased because it’s combining two of my favourite things, Different Abilities and documentaries) It gave at great look into living life with children and teenagers with multiple needs. I think what I found to be most interesting about this documentary was seeing how Joe was dealt with. Joe was the fifteen year old son and had Cystic Fibrosis as well as some emotional disturbances. Joe was a very interesting young man who really gave us a great view into his life. It was quite interesting to watch him go from being very happy to all of a sudden switching to cursing at his family and offering death threats. There were some very obvious emotional disturbances in Joe (which is not surprising as he was in foster care for the first few years of his life- being moved from home to home and he was living with a life threatening illness) and Susan tried quite hard to get some Mental Health assistance for him but it was proving to be quite difficult. I thought this was a great insight into the difficulties to get help in some cases. Sadly, Joe ended up passing away near the end of the movie due to his Cystic Fibrosis.

This is a beautifully well done documentary, offering great insights and information. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. It is available on iTunes for purchase or rental.



International Day for Persons with Disabilities (IDPD)


International Day for Persons with Disabilities is fast approaching! (December 3rd)

Let’s all work together to create an accepting and safe environment for ALL.

here’s some information about IDPD:

If you’re in Guelph area you can celebrate IDPD with Community of Hearts at the Bullring on December 1st! (jealous of all of you who can go)Remember, we are more alike than different.

For those of you I have on Facebook, I realize this is exactly the same thing I posted there. I’m going to write more about it closer to the actual day. Haha.
Keep on rocking, Party People!

Just some fun Different Ability related things I’ve found!

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted some of my current favourite Different Ability related sources on here so, here we go! (in no particular order)

1. (actually this one is a particular order, but it’s a little biased!) Special Hockey International is having their annual tournament in…KITCHENER! How gosh darn exciting! Anyway, they’ve taken a video of my Guelph Giants playing one heck of an inspiring hockey game and put it to the SHI 2013 tournament song,”Yes I can” and it just straight up rocks! This is going to be a great tourney and I’m realllllly looking forward to it! GO GIANTS!

Check it out here:

You can learn more about the tournament here:

2. I’m sure most of you have seen this video but I’m going to share it anyway. Katy Perry performing “Firework” with young fan Jodi DiPiazza, who happens to have Autism. This was from The Night of Too Many Stars, a fund-raiser for Autism. This is great.

Check it out here:

3. This is a new favourite picture of mine, raising Autism Awareness. As surprising as it is, many people believe that Autism is contagious…. educate and advocate people, that’s all I can say…Image

4. Next, I have another photo!


nuff’ said.

I have a test tomorrow so I’m just going to do one more for tonight but I’ll pick up on this later again because I have some more sources to share. haha.

5. My most recent video, Which I couldn’t think of a name for so I called it “Repect.” Self-advertising, I know but I am really liking hearing the feedback on it, any more feedback to make the next one better would be MUCH appreciated.

Check it out here:

I was home this past weekend and got to spend some time with M so I shall leave you with my favourite M quote of the night!

“uhhh…. Miss Alix?!…I LIKE you!”

Have a super night! 🙂