International Day for Persons with Disabilities!


Today, December 3rd, is International Day for Persons with Disabilities!

This is a very special day. IDPD is a day honouring children, youth and adults with Different Abilities all over the world. This is such an important day as often times, individuals with Different Abilities are overlooked and not given the respect they deserve. I realize I talk about this all the time so I’m not going to go on about it now. IDPD is all about “removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all” what a beautifully amazing goal that is.

How can you help achieve this goal?

1.Talk about IDPD! Tell your friends! Let people know about this AMAZING day! It’s not very well known.

2. Vote for Power of Play! This is a project to get an accessible playground in my home town. PLEASE help us get the funding to build this park. It would mean SO  much if you voted for us, everyday.

3. Take the Pledge to Spread the Word to End the Word! Help stop the use of the word “retard”.

4. Take Action! Be aware and educate. Check out your area and ensure that it’s accessible. Advocate for people in your community!

5. PARTICIPATE! Volunteer with your local Special Olympics team! Check out what programs your local Support Organizations offer!

Different is not less.

Educate and Advocate, inclusion for all.

Let me know what you’re doing for IDPD!


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One thought on “International Day for Persons with Disabilities!

  1. Steve December 4, 2012 at 2:42 am Reply

    What a lovely day! Definetly celebrating this one!

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