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Special Hockey International Tournament 2013!

I know this is a little late but; here it is!

The theme for the tournament “Yes I Can” with a video featuring some of my amazing players.

Last week I had the opportunity, actually, honour to participate in the best hockey event and one of the best Special Needs events I’ve ever had the opportunity to participate in. The Kitchener Ontario, Special Hockey International Tournament 2013! As many of you know, i’m a huge advocate for Special Hockey International (SHI), it highlights true friendships and real sportsmanship while building confidence all in an extremely supportive environment. I coach the Guelph Giants and it remains to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Each year SHI holds an international tournament and one of the teams hosts this. This year a local team, The Kitchener Ice Pirates, hosted the tournament and it was amazing. Absolutely amazing. We has sixty teams from thirty communities, almost one thousand players, playing in this tournament. Every single aspect of the tournament was well thought out and planned. The hours and hours and hours and hours of work that went into planning this tournament were very evident. It was accessible and accepting to all individuals and really showed what Special Hockey is all about. The SHI league focuses on fun and friendships and this tournament was no different. All players and fans cheered when someone scored a goal, no matter who’s team they played on. Refs set-up goals so that everyone would have the opportunity to score. Penalty shots were given just for an extra chance for someone to experience scoring a goal. Some games, the goalie even took penalty shots! The Ice Pirates did an amazing job hosting the tournament and the organizers, organized an amazing three days. I was very proud to be a part of amazing organizations like Special Hockey International and the Guelph Giants.

For information about SHI (I would highly recommend finding a team in your area):

For highlights and information from Kitchener 2013:

And since I’m biased when it comes to my Guelph Giants: