Reduced and Free Apps in Celebration of Autism Awareness Month

556081_10152575970120424_1933361654_nIn celebration of Autism Awareness Month, many Special Needs App developers have reduced the prices on their apps. There are reduced prices on all different kinds of apps, communication, ABA, flashcards, social skills, sensory activities and more! Some of the developers have even completely cut the cost of their apps to $0. There are some really innovative apps that are available at an extremely low cost.

Today only (April 10th 2013, urTalker Pro, regular $99 is available completely free of charge. This is a really cool and high quality communication app. It’s available for all apple touch products (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad/iPad mini)

You can download it here:

In addition, to different daily deals there are all also deals and price reductions that are available for the entire month of April.

Here’s a link to a good chunk of the the apps reduced and free:

There are some pretty GREAT apps available!


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