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Vaccines. I know. I said I’d never write about this.

The following post is likely going to majorly drop my numbers but I’ve stayed away from this topic for years and I can’t stay away from it anymore.

You’ve probably already guessed what it’s about.


I cannot control the decisions you make about your life and about the lives of your children, I’m aware of that. But it’s something that needs to be discussed. Too many children are missing out on important, life saving, vaccinations. It’s not okay. I will of course be focusing on the Autism and vaccine correlation as its my area of interest. This is becoming an issue in my province. Kids are getting the measles. This is a huge issue.

People have allowed themselves to be absolutely brainwashed by the Jenny McCarthy movement. This is something that I honestly can’t even comprehend. How is the Autism Vaccine issue even a thing still?


Why is this still an issue when every single piece of research related to this has been disproved? Why in gods name are we risking the lives of children? What the fuck kind of message are we sending to people with Autism and their families?

That’s what really grinds my gears. Aside from the obvious huge health issue that’s associated with not vaccinating, the message anti-vaxxers are sending to our community is hurtful and distasteful. Let’s say for a minute that vaccines do cause Autism (which they don’t. We know that. This is hypothetical). You would really rather your child die than consider the possibility of them having an Autism Spectrum Disorder?! Even worse, we KNOW that vaccines do not cause Autism yet we’re still not vaccinating kids just on the off chance that they might still be able to ‘catch’ Autism from it. That’s disgusting. The message that is being sent to our community is that a child dead from the measles (or some other preventable with vaccines disease) is better than a child with Autism. That’s beyond hurtful.

Now, I see both sides of it. Don’t get me wrong pro-vaxxers, I’m still one of you. But I am able to see and understand why some parents still hold onto the vaccine theory. An Autism diagnosis can be hard to hear and you want to blame it on something. To those parents: Autism is not your fault. Autism has no cause. You didn’t give it to your child. You did the right thing by vaccinating them. Your child with Autism is a little different, sure. But your child is beautiful and smart and amazing and perfect in his or her own way. Please, please, please remember these things and vaccinate your other kids and urge others to vaccinate theirs. There are lives at risk.

People keep talking about the ‘Autism Epidemic’. I won’t get started on that because if I do, this post will never end. But I will say one quick thing about it. Autism is not a disease. There cannot be an ‘Autism Epidemic’. Autism will never be a disease. There will never be an ‘Autism Epidemic’. But there absolutely can be a measles epidemic. It’s happening now. And that’s a hell of a lot scarier than Autism.

Please. Vaccinate your children.