Monthly Archives: June 2011

Beautiful things.

This song is amazing. I have no words to describe how amazing it is. ❤



This week marks an exciting week. For starters it was the last full week of school. One more day of grade twelve. Thursday was the 16th which marked exactly one month until Nica, 29 days as of today. Camp starts in ten. Only for more days at Victoria Terrace. I will miss those kids dearly. Wednesday was out last Kn.e.c.t meeting before Nicaragua. Sunday will be my last Sunday at Barrie Hill until September. Walk Now for Autism Speaks next weekend. Things are getting exciting!


Cuarenta Dias.

Forty more days until we go.
That’s pretty exciting.
I getting super excited for this trip. I’ve been pretty excited for like a year but now it’s getting legit.
We got our schedules for what were doing in Nicaragua but I have somehow managed to lose it. Haha. But it was pretty exciting.
Cuarenta Dias.